Insightful Ideas:On-the-Job Results!

Training Insights specializes in designing customized instructional solutions.  

Our insightful ideas bring on-the-job results. In short, we develop "training that sticks! 

We design innovative solutions that focus on clients' unique needs to ensure they get results. Learners retain the knowlege and apply the skills on the job. Programs are designed to support managers in Managers in extending the learning by implementing our individualized reinforcement plans.

Our President, Sue Schnorr, "carried a bag" for 3M for many years and was a Field Sales Trainer in the management development track. She provides insights from her consulting and listening skills, along with expertise in instructional design. This unique combination allows her to create results-oriented and state-of-the-arts learning solutions in sales and soft skills programs.

Instructional Design Services

Training Insights has consulted with companies including AmeriCredit, Kodak, Marriott, DuPont, United Technologies Corporation, Beckman Coulter, GE, Ingersoll Rand, Bank of Montreal and numerous Fortune 100 corporations designing customized, blended programs and instructional solutions. We integrate e-learning and informal learning strategies which extend the learning beyond the training event.


Training Insights has consulted with organizations including DuPont's Finance University professionals and United Technologies' ITO University Professors to deliver Facilitation and Presentation Skills Workshops. This expertise gives us an edge in the instructional design marketplace, since we can streamline clients' implementation and rollouts by designing and delivering pilot sessions and Train-the-Trainer sessions for internal facilitators.

Training Insights, Inc. was founded in 1996 and has since grown from the referrals of satisfied clients. Sue Schnorr is recognized as a thought leader in instructional design for creating sales training, soft skills and management solutions that get results on the job.